Anthony Santiago was born in Florida, lived in Costa Rica, raised in Spain, and is currently living in the United States. Born in 93, Anthony has traveled the world to more than 20 different countries as a missionary kid, as a result of his father and grandfather’s missionary careers, both of which are still active missionaries in Europe and Africa.        

On April 20, 2003, Anthony embraced God’s grace and became a follower of Christ. As the journey continued, he preached his first sermon at age 14 on the streets of Madrid. Later at 16, God birthed a vision inside of Anthony’s heart to be the lead pastor of a church someday. Ever since that moment, he has followed that calling whole-heartedly, which led him to start a youth group in Madrid, evangelize in the community, and lead a Bible study in his public high school.

As of November of 2011, Anthony was one of the youngest missionary candidates (18) to be approved in the United States to serve as the Student Pastor of the International Church of Madrid. Several steps of obedience developed Anthony’s journey of becoming a missionary to Europe. Anthony seizes each opportunity that comes his way and makes the most of his everyday life. Whether blogging on his website, speaking at his former high school assemblies, churches, or camps, or inviting his childhood friends over to play x-box, he embraces each setting as his pulpit and shows the love of Christ.

Anthony has been privileged to speak in churches and conferences in the United States, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Norway, and Israel. Anthony’s passion is preaching. He embraces it as his God-given gift and appreciates every opportunity that’s given to him to preach God’s Word. As his first year as a missionary has come to a close, he is currently finishing his degree as well as getting his ministry credentials to return to Spain on his second term. If you are interested in having Anthony speak at your church, youth group, or whatever gathering, you are welcome to contact him by clicking here. 




Anthony is a Certified Minister  with the Assemblies of God. He will be a Licensed Minister by the Summer of 2015.


Anthony graduated from Evangelical Christian Academy and is currently getting his Bachelor of Arts through Global University in Bible & Theology. 



David Santiago (Life Mentor) – Lead Pastor at the International Church of Madrid

Gilbert Rodriguez (Decisions Mentor) – Area Director of Southern Europe

Jacob Bock (Evangelism Mentor) – Director of On The Red Box

Jerry Gibson (Media Mentor) – Director of International Media Ministries

Mark Cannon (Islam Mentor) – Director of Oasis Center 


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    I really like reading your blog. You’re a good writer!

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    Great job on your Blog. Just got through reading it. Let Christ keep guiding you Anthony. He has great things in store for you!!!

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    Your Blogs are Awesome! You are def. following in the footsteps of your Dad and Brother. God’s def. using you in mighty ways!! Keep it up :]

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    hey friend! i have been following your blog and the announcement video’s are looking GREAT! keep the blogs coming. see you in January!

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